June 2018 Openings - Coach and Player

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Full-time Position Type
$2,500Fixed Salary (monthly)

ID: 17 Published: June 21, 2018 8:44 am


Job Openings!

I am on the road in Europe and will do my best to update this page at least once a week. I will also update facebook postings as well as linked in.

Coaching jobs   ( all jobs with apt. and tickets)

6 unpublished jobs just opened up this past week.. unpublished means I write nothing about them. but if you are a premier coach registered, your application goes automatically to the job, you do nothing

Germany Pro BMens   Assistant  25-30k   must speak German Euro experience necessary

Czech  1. Division Women  Head  $25k    female NCAA head coach experience preferred

lots of food , and win bonus

Turkey   Consultant. Athletic Director/Camp director experience. 10 month position

8000 Turkish lira per month. Must qualify for visa.

Italy      B Liga Female   $2000 plus English teaching job

Player jobs   ( all jobs with apt. and tickets)

Scandinavia    3 mens player positions  ( all must coach youth teams)

5, 4-5, and 3-4 three different teams.. pay varies between 800-1200 usd /month

1 position for ladies… combo guard  $1200 plus coaching youth teams


Germany        Regional Liga   Combo guard   $800 plus job  ( academy coaching)

full package about $2500-$3000 month.. must pay own apartment



1.  3 years recent Head Womens Professional Coaching experience in a FIBA League or NCAA University D1 is minimum requirement. This is not an entry level position

2. Experience in Scandinvia is a plus. Understanding of Scandinavian player mentality important

3. Skill Academy and Scouting experience should be document


Requirements for Employment:

  1. Languages: English (Mandatory). American Coach desired. European based in USA considered.
  2. University Degree (Mandatory)
  3. Playing experience: 4 years experience at the NCAA level or 4 years FIBA international professional leagues
  4. 3 years experience as described above
  5. FIBA Coaching License or similar
  6. Must pass medical examination upon arrival which includes drug testing.
  7. Must be able to meet all requirements to receive permission from the Federation to coach in the Swedish League
  8. Must be able to attain a work and residence visa in Sweden
  9. Drivers License  Job will require much driving around country

Background requirements:

  1. No criminal record
  2. Clean social media
  3. Clean FIBA license


How to apply:

Send email with one attachment maximum including cover letter and resume ( quick sheet with hyperlinks) and references for your last three coaching jobs. Reference list should include the phone and email contact of your direct superior or hiring manager.

No references from previous 3 jobs, or no references from international employment you list on your resume will result in your application being disregarded.

jobs@assistbasketballnetwork.com. Subject line “job title”   NO PERSONAL EMAILS or CHAT

if you wish to submit to all jobs, then you must submit a cover letter for each job and an email with attached resume for each job. If you sign up for $9.99 on this job site, all applications go in at once, as well as all future applications



.PDF Files Only.