USA-International Basketball Tour Sales- Part time - Coach

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Part-time Position Type
$40,000Budget Amount

ID: 14 Published: February 20, 2017 8:44 am


North American Basketball Coach with extensive network and large email list is sought to market ABN international basketball tours to HS and AAU ( boys and girls ages 13-18) teams located in North America.

ABN offers Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Tours to :

Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Argentina, Denmark, China, Australia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Lebanon, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, and more more more…

Hours: Part time/ flexible… in fact, it might just be you networking This is a commission-only position.

You will be able to contact anyone you know and try to provide sales. If you start an account, you will receive all residual bonus dollars, even if you stop helping us! That is a deal. You help us, we help you.

Why sell tours?

You can see the world  for free while making lifelong impacts on kids. You could also help yourself line up a pipeline and network with clubs overseas. Some coaches end up receiving job offers.

How does it work? What do I do?

You send us your resume. try to show off how many people you know and your connections. We teach you the program, you introduce it. until you feel comfortable, we will close all sales. We start promoting tours 16 months in advance. Currently 2018 Winter, Spring, Summer.

Compensation: Commission based
$500 commission bonus Each team of 11+ paid participants
$1000 commission bonus + free trip Each team of 24+ paid participants
(this means you will go along with the group as a tour leader)
$3000 commission bonus + free trip Each team of 36+ paid participants
(this means you will go along with the group as a tour leader)

$15,000 commission  bonus if you bring in 100+ total paid travelers
( and I will make you a regional sales manager for more commission)
bonus: Remember:residual sales for lifetime! ( If you start an account and the same group travels again, you receive a commission*)

Want more info before applying? go to see what we do!

Send your resume with a dynamite cover letter to

.PDF Files Only.